Chathouse 3D – Earn FREE XCoins!

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How do I download Chathouse3D?

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If you are a Chathouse 3D Beta user, but you do not have an account on thrixxx – what do you have to do?

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Chathouse 3D “Roulette” Open Beta officially released !

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How do I start?

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How can I choose my personal avatar?

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How can I customize my avatar?

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How can I play Chathouse 3D with friends of mine?

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Is there a possibility to see my partners profile inGame?

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How can I block or ignore other players?

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What is a Pose Panel?

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Can I use keyboard shortcuts in Chathouse 3D?

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Are there Chat Help Commands?

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How works Voice-over-IP?

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What can I do if I start Chathouse 3D and get a black screen?

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Where can I find the configuration dialog?

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What is the Private Customizer Room?

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How can I see if my friends are online and ready to play?

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